You can be part of something great

A nonprofit organisation collaborating with global welfare programs in order to eliminate slums and to provide affordable housing for the less-fortunate world wide.

What can you do?

The main focus of the foundation will be the gathering of funds to get projects organizied and to support research and developement and in the end also the production of affordable housing solutions.


 So the first thing you can do at this time is donating to the Vita Dignita Foundation, a nonprofit organisation.


Over time when the collaboration with other welfare programs is organized we will post here many additional options of what might be needed to be donated or what might be needed in actual help. We will keep you posted…


What will be done with the donations the Vita Dignita Foundation will collect? We want to make sure, everybody understands the distribution of the funds. Here are the main categories the funds will be used for:

1. Research and Developement of affordable housing solutions (funds go into companies that are cooperating with the foundation in that regards)

2. Operating costs of the foundation and its employees and voluntary workers (running costs, traveling costs, marketing costs, etc.)

3. Organizing building projects by funding actual housing units, their transport or set up (installing the units on site)

4. Organizing fund-raising projects and events (sometimes also in cooperation with other organisations)

5. Supporting other nonprofit organisations working with our foundation on the same goals and projects

6. Funding education and employment projects for the less-fortunate

home and sanitation

Eliminating slums and replacing them with dignified homes.

hope and dignity

Changing hearts by providing dignified life solutions.

purpose and perspective

Changing lives by providing dignified living conditions.

Our Hope

We hope to work with as many organisations and people as possible to make a difference in the world by changing hearts – one by one.

Millions are waiting

Help us eliminating the unworthy living conditions of millions of people all over the globe by contributing to our projects. Each donation is welcome.



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