Michael Haak

A nonprofit organisation collaborating with global welfare programs in order to eliminate slums and to provide affordable housing for the less-fortunate world wide.

The idea


I know that in many of us you could find a glimpse of changing the world for the better. Being a creative person I had to come up with solutions to solve other people’s problems all my life. In my mind I would always think up creative ways to change things for the better. Can I alone change the entire world? Maybe not! But I will only find out, if I start trying. And if more people join in, lots more is possible.

In that same spirit I thought of an affordable concept of providing each person in the world a dignified place they could call “home”. I thought of endless possibilities to end poverty and to make things happening for the less-fortunate. Since I have been involved in foundation work and participating in nonprofit organisations I have learned that there are ways to get ideas out of your head and start realising them. That’s why I started a new foundation, even though I am not rich. I do it in the common spirit of networking with many people like me, who want to contribute to change the lives of millions for the better.

Let’s get started together… 

home and sanitation

Eliminating slums and replacing them with dignified homes.

hope and dignity

Changing hearts by providing dignified life solutions.

purpose and perspective

Changing lives by providing dignified living conditions.

The founder

I live in Northern Germany but have traveled quite a bit the world. I know that there is so much more to see but I have always studied the people of the countries I visited. I myself am a religious person and a family man being married and having four children. I work as a freelance designer ( I also work with friends of mine running a service center for foundations and a family office ( Although I am busy I want to make a difference and that’s why I started this foundation.

Millions are waiting

Help us eliminating the unworthy living conditions of millions of people all over the globe by contributing to our projects. Each donation is welcome.



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